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Computer and Communication Research Center
Welcome to Computer and Communication Research Center

The Computer and Communication Research Center (CCRC) of National Tsing Hua University was established in September 1994. Its research activities mainly focus on high-speed networking, wireless communications, multimedia communication systems, and their applications. The primary missions of the center are the followings:

  1. Coordinate academic research efforts on computer communication;
  2. Foster joint research activities between industry and academia;
  3. Disseminate developed technologies to industry and train competent engineers;
  4. Exchange information and collaborate with researchers in other countries to develop joint research projects;
  5. Provide the university with services related to computer communication.

In the past few years, CCRC has yielded the following results:

We have coordinated more than 17 integrated research projects related to high-speed networking. These projects involved researchers from major universities and research institutes in Taiwan.

We have initiated several industry-academia joint projects on ATM, LAN, WAN, and the Internet. The developed technologies have been transferred to domestic industry.

We have sponsored more than 77 seminars, workshops, and training courses on high-speed networking, with over 4000 attendees.

Currently, CCRC is actively involved in the project, Advanced Technologies and Applications for Next Generation Information Communication Networks. The project is a multi-year, multi-million dollar excellence project sponsored by the Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of Universities, Minister of Education, R.O.C. The primary goals of the project is to develop technologies and applications for next-generation information communication networks, with a purpose of carrying related research into excellence and readies our society for the information new era. We will also integrate our research results with the National Telecommunications Project, and continue strengthening our close ties with local industry by nurturing more joint projects and transferring pertinent technologies. In lieu of these anticipated efforts, CCRC will assert itself as a primary force in pushing high-speed networking technologies through to reach global excellence.